About FANHS Monterey Bay

WELCOME to FANHS Monterey Bay, a local chapter of the Filipino American National Historical Society. We are a group of historians and community members who live in the Monterey Bay area (Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties) and Salinas and Pajaro Valleys (California). If you have a passion for Filipino American history, or want to learn more, join us! Contact us at fanhsmb@gmail.com or okir2k@gmail.com for details. You can also find out more about FANHS by checking out the FANHS National (founding chapter) website.

2 Replies to “About FANHS Monterey Bay”

  1. I would like to know what happened to the $500.00 Dollars I donated to put a Plaque , To remember the old Filipino Contractors In the Salinas, Valley I would also like to know why all The Living Children cant Donate a little something to Honor there Parents, Because as I remember they sure knew how to flaunt the big shot ways. Any way another thing why was my Fathers Name not on the sign in the Filipino Hall on the Asian Festival last year, as he was one of the original Contractors in the Valley, He also was and the Family still are Property Owners in the Salinas Ca, Chinatown. The owned property is now leased to the City of Salinas to help the homeless. And if you are not planning to use the donated money for a plaque for the old Pilipino Contractors.
    – The Proud De Asis Family.

  2. And would you please also refund the money if it isn’t going to be used as a plaque, I would like to know when it will become a plaque for the founders of the Valley. Its been around three years and no remarks or answers have been done. Thank you
    -Leon De Asis Jr.

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